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5 Year Guarantee

We at Excel raise standard when building you a driveway!Enormous care goes into the design, preparation and construction of the foundations for your driveway. Building it properly means that it will be able to handle surface and storm water in line with planning requirements. Ensuring that the base and sub-base are strong enough, level enough and properly compacted to our own rigidly laid down standards means a driveway that is more stable, stronger and less prone to subsidence, even after years of use.

Tony will coordinate your driveway installation and we are very much aware that future recommendation of our service is entirely down to your complete satisfaction. Tony will oversee the works for you and, upon completion, will carry out a final inspection to ensure that you are completely happy.

Once the project is completed Tony or the Project Manager will give you signed copy of your Guarantee

Our Guarantee covers you for labour and materials for 5 years, If you sell your house within that 5 years the guarantee can be transferred to the new owner.