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Excel Roofline Products

Roofline is the term applied to the UPVC boarding that is between the roof and the walls of your home. Guttering and downpipes are also included in the term roofline.

Our complete range of roofline systems offer much more than just high performance fascias, soffits, cladding, bargeboards, guttering and downpipes. It’s all about expert installation too, with a full inspection and removal of old materials to ensure an expert job that fully protects your home.


Fascia – The board which is fixed vertically to the ends of the rafters that run horizontally along the length of the roof


An external weatherproof material used to cover the exterior face of a building.


Sometimes known as fly rafters, gable rafters and gable boards. The triangular parts of an exterior elevation located between the slopes of the roof and the top sides of the wall are called the gables. Barge boards hang from the gable ends of a roof.

  Guttering and Downpipes

Simply, the tubing used to channel rainwater off the roof.